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Lash Terminology from A-Z

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Lash Terminology from A-Z

3D: When made, this lash is stacked on three rows to give a 3D effect. All lashes from Bahf Beauty are 3D lashes, making them full and beautiful.

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blessed lashes for natural looking lash

Band: The band is the string that holds the lash together. Some bands are plastic, and some are cotton. The type of band can impact how heavy the lash is on the eye and how long the lash can last. Bahf Beauty places it’s lashes on 100% cotton bands which make them ultra-lightweight no matter the style. 
Clusters: The hairs or fibers on this type of lash is placed in groups along the lash band for a unique look and design. These types of lashes also allow your makeup to show a bit more. Our Pixie lashes are based in the clustered type but are staggered for that pixie fairy look.
Dramatic: Dramatic is a style of lash that is bold in appearance. A dramatic lash is often paired with a high glam or dramatic makeup look so that the lashes can be seen. These lashes are usually thicker in density and longer in length. They are great if you have a high brow bone and want to draw attention to your eye.

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Extra Volume: This style of lash is dramatic x10. These lashes tend to be 22mm to 27mm in length (typical lashes are 16mm-20mm). This style of lash can be used to complete an ultra-glam look or even a natural look if you have a high brow bone.

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Faux Mink: These lashes are made with synthetic fiber to mimic that of natural mink lashes. While the lashes won’t last as long, they are a great alternative to mink if you are looking for a vegan option. 
Flared: This style of lash is noted by the exterior of the lash having more volume and length than the rest of the lash. This type of lash gives a cat-eye appearance and is great for elongating the eye. 

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latina lashes best beautiful mink lashes
Mink: Mink lashes are the highest quality of lashes you can wear. Our mink lashes are sourced from mink animals and are cruelty free. Mink naturally shed hair which allows us to collect the hair without any harm to the animal. The hair is soft and will hold its shape for months without falling flat.

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Natural: This is the perfect lash type for beginners or those looking for a subtle everyday lash. Natural lashes will mimic the shape and style of natural lashes. Often the goal is to simply elongate your lashes. These can be worn daily with or without makeup or can be used to dress up a soft glam look.

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Stacking: To create a more unique and dramatic lash, many lash wearer’s will “stack” their lash, meaning they glue two lashes together to make one. This is done if you are wanting a look that can be easily captured on camera or if you just want to be a little extra.
Voluminous: This term refers to how thick and long the hairs are on the lash. The same way mascara may make your lashes more voluminous; this lash type comes that styled that way. This type of lash is typically more dramatic and covers more of your eye.

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Wispy: This very popular lash has a natural appeal to many. Wispy lashes are usually flared and feathered to elongate the eye and mimic the natural flow of your eyelashes.

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