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How To Apply False Lashes

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How To Apply False Lashes

Let's face it, false lashes can be intimidating. Just thinking about the all that glue or, reminiscing on that one time from senior prom, has left a very sour taste in your mouth. 

But I'm here to tell you, FORGET ABOUT THAT! You can do it! Lash application is actually super simple, you just have to practice. The more you apply them, the more comfortable you will the process and the faster you can do it. 

For the best lash application, the most important thing is having a bomb pair of lashes handy. If you are new to lashes, we suggest you check out our Heiress lashes for a natural, everyday lash. 

You will also need lash adhesive, scissors and a lash applicator (optional). 

Step 1: Gently remove the lashes from the holder.

false lash application: step 1, gently remove from lash tray

If you are too rough you risk messing up the pattern and pulling out the hairs. Grip the lash firmly at the base and lift the outer sticky side first. Repeat on the inner side. You can also use your thumb to gently rub the fluffy part of the lash, rolling your thumb forward to remove the lash from the tray.

Step 2: Measure lash to eye-line & trim

false lash application step 2: measure and trim lash

For your lashes to be comfortable they need to fit and yours may or may not depending on the shape of your eye (hint: most lashes need to be trimmed). Without glueplace the lash on your eye-line as close as possible. False lashes should be placed where the thin inner eyelash hairs end, and end just a smidge before the end of your eye. If your lashes are too long, they may irritate the inner or outer corner of your eye. Once you know where that is, trim from either end of the lash, but be mindful of the lash pattern. I find it best to trim from the inside, but you decide based on the lash style you have. Wherever you trim on one eye, you should also trim on the other eye, otherwise, if the patterns are altered, your lashes will look slightly different.

Step 3: Apply thin layer of adhesive

false lash application step 3, apply thin layer of adhesive

Be sure to apply thinly, otherwise it may take a long time for your glue to dry. ALLOW THE GLUE TO GET TACKY!!! This is so important and will make for an easy lash application. You will know when the glue is tacky once it starts to turn clear. This is when you should apply. Most glue packaging says about 20 seconds, but it's really about 45 seconds. While your glue drys, you can serve yourself a few smiles in the mirror and thank God for this special day and the life you live. 

Step 4: Apply and adjust lashes

We've made it! Using your fingers, or tweezers, or a lash applicator, apply the lashes as close as possible to your lash line. Try to keep both eyes open while doing so, it helps to steady your hand and direction. If you have curly lashes, you may want to apply your lashes from a top - down approach, meaning, instead on having your hand in front of your eye and moving towards them, try having your hand above your eye, with the lash pointing down and placing it that way. Once the lash has been placed, you can use your applicator of choice to pull it to its final destination. 

Step 5: BOOM! BOOM! BAM!

Repeat on the other side and just admire the beautiful woman staring back at you! Not only did you successfully apply lashes, but you are looking extra fine and have a little pep in your step! 


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